faqs, photo requirements
  • Please set your camera settings at the highest resolution. 
  • To ensure that the resolution of the photo you're going to send is good/high please follow these easy steps: 

    Right click over the photo you want to use, select properties, make sure that the "size" or "size on disk" is at least 200kb - 300kb. If it's lower I recommend choosing another pic.
  • Please DO NOT crop or resize your photos , for best quality results is important that you send your original picture. Cropping or editing your photo might alter the quality of the picture.
  • If you send a Cell phone photo, please make sure the quality is  good; the picture should be clear. Please avoid sending blurry or/and dark images.  Cell photos are usually of low resolution, unless you change the resolution before taking the picture.  You can send the cell phone photo via email to [email protected].
  • Shared photos from online photo albums such as Kodak and Snapfish are saved in low resolution and CANNOT be used. If I try to use one of these pictures it would come out blurry and/or grainy on the design. I recommend sending your picture directly from your computer.
  • JPG & PNG format only; if your photo is in a different format than jpg please make sure to change it before sending it.

If you're unsure if your photo will work , please send it to [email protected], we'll be more than happy on helping you choose the best option for your design.

Photo Tips & Tricks

  • Take photos using natural light, for example near a window or outside. Pick a nice area like a park, a beach, or even your backyard.
  •  Make sure that there is not too much sun because the colors will look washed out. If the sun is too strong try taking pictures at a different time. Early in the morning or late afternoon are the best times to take pics!